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In a business place, setting is everything – and that’s where commercial renovations come in.

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For retailers occupying an area that doesn’t properly reflect the brand, fresh construction can be an ideal solution. By changing out paint colors, building out walls and transforming otherwise dated decor, commercial areas can accurately reflect the image of the business conducted on premises.

Simplified Construction is a licensed general contractor able to make these sorts of changes – and we stand by our work with a 2 year warranty.

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Before building, general contractors can develop architectural plans to guide interior renovations. Since the overall design of a commercial space sets the tone and it should be designed to market; it’s important to figure out the customer base. Are they hip and young — or are they more traditional? By first deciding on a building plan and then moving forward, an area can be custom designed from the walls in.

Commercial renovations can open up all available space. No customer or worker likes to be cramped, so by utilizing all possible square footage, more room is made for shoppers as well as merchandise.

There are other aspects of a commercial renovation that can inject vitality (or inspire negativity) and there are various design aspects are worth considering. Contractors can upgrade paint colors to set certain moods, because the right color scheme can equate to more purchases. Lighting is another, equally impactful element to consider while undergoing a large-scale construction project.

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Simplified Construction is a general contractor providing a variety of commercial renovation and upfitting services to Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs, Raleigh and Wake Forest businesses.

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