Luxury Outdoor Living in the Raleigh-Durham Area

Many people focus on indoor construction, but a lot of value and beauty can be added to your home by tending to your outdoor living. There are different ways to enjoy your yard year-round, and Simplified Construction can provide the right one for you with unfailingly professional services.

Outdoor Living | Raleigh-Durham, NC | Simplified Construction

Use Your Yard the Way You Want

From staying cozy with company in the winter to reposing by yourself in the summer, we can help you achieve what you want for your outdoor areas. Our professional constructions include:

  • Kitchens – Cooking outdoors can be more than just standing by a grill.

  • Fire pits – Bring relaxation in the wintertime outdoors.

  • Patios – Many styles are available to make a patio what you desire.

  • Decks – With or without a screen, decks are a great addition.

  • Retaining walls – For beauty or functionality, retaining walls can make a huge difference.

Before the construction process, everything will be laid out with your approval, so you know what to expect. Everything is adaptable and customizable. If you’re concerned about a generic or overdone look, we can ease your fears with original ideas.

During the process, we’ll help you save time and money with our efficient designs. Our construction is always up to code, ensuring you won’t have to deal with litigation or claims later on down the line.

Receive a Free Evaluation For Any Outdoor Living Service

If you’re located in the Triangle or surrounding area, we can help you transform your yard into something that you can enjoy for years to come. It starts with an easy call from one of our qualified customer service representatives at 919-876-3152. You can expect a response to schedule a free evaluation in under 24 hours.