Our Raleigh, NC Remodeling & Renovation Process

At Simplified Construction, we don’t do things like other Raleigh, NC remodeling and renovation companies. While some of our competitors may want to hold off on investing any real time on a project until they receive a check, our renovation and remodel process begins the moment we receive your phone call…

Remodeling and Renovation | Raleigh-Durham, NC | Simplified Construction

Design & Development

During your initial point of contact, we schedule a time to meet at your home to discuss your renovation ideas. At this point, we will create a preliminary drawing based on the ideas you presented and complete an estimate based on the details of that preliminary drawing.

“It’s all custom, all catered to the homeowner,” says the owner of Simplified Construction. “We don’t do anything that is cookie cutter — everything is catered to your request.”

A second meeting will be held shortly thereafter to go over the estimate and preliminary drawing and to discuss any changes you want completed to the drawing, the estimate, or both. After all of the requested revisions are complete and the drawing and estimate have both been approved, we will move on to the contract portion of the project.


During this phase, we will schedule a start date, give you our expectations regarding how long the project will take, as well as our estimated date of completion. Then we get to work!

Throughout your Raleigh remodeling or renovation project, you will receive a weekly phone call or email informing you of the work that was completed that week and whether any change orders are needed.

“We are not a contractor who is going to do change orders and then come back and say, ‘Oh, remember when you said you thought you might want this? Well you did and here is your extra bill’,” Evans said. “So the customer must receive and approve any change orders prior to us doing any change orders.”


Once your renovation or remodel project is complete, we will go back and review the budget, the contract, and any items that are part of the contract and budget. We will also provide you any legal documents or paperwork you may need in the future, including:

  • Certificate of Occupancy: Also known as CO, this is the final document issued in the building process. It is provided by the City of Raleigh Inspections Department and Construction Divison to certify the legal use of a building for the purpose of which it was intended and accordingly permitted for, and is often required when selling a property or refinancing a mortgage.

  • Warranty Packet: Our unique creation, this packet is specially formulated to include any and all information you may need to reference in the future regarding specialty items and where they came from. For example, say one day you want to increase your cabinet space. Through this option, you can easily locate information on the cabinet brand and supplier we used in your renovation or remodel versus having to go through the hassle of looking up the information on your own.

Interested in learning more about our Raleigh, NC renovation and remodel design process? Contact our esteemed customer service representatives today at (919) 876-3152. Call now!