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While the design-build approach is not new, it has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its efficiency and cost effectiveness. In Raleigh, Simplified Construction has helped homeowners save thousands on their home improvement projects through its design-build home additions and renovation services.

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Save Money & Time With D-B Contractors

A term used to describe a specific project delivery system, design-build (or d-b) minimizes the risk of complications by housing your architectural design and construction services under one roof. Without the benefit of d-b construction, projects often lack a certain amount of consistency that comes from having that single-source accountability.

Other advantages of Raleigh, NC design-build home additions and renovations include:

  • Time Savings: By having a contractor involved in the early stages of the project, you can save time by incorporating construction engineering considerations into the design plan. You can also save time by fast-tracking the design and construct portions of the project by eliminating the time you may have spent in the bidding of a separate contractor.

  • Cost Savings: You can save money with increased communication efficiencies through the integration of design, construction engineering and construction team members. You will reduce the likelihood of construction engineering and inspection (CEI) costs, as well as the potential for claims and litigation after project completion as issues are resolved along the way by the design-build team. You will also save money by shortening the project timeline and reducing the level of overall staff commitment.

  • Improved Quality: This tandem approach to design and construction often results in a better finished product because of the increased focus on quality control and quality assurance on the design-team’s behalf. It also results in project innovations that are uniquely fashioned by project needs and contractor capabilities.

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